Saturday, January 15, 2011

Joss Whedon

That's right.

Joss Whedon is secretly behind all the sad/bad things that happen on your favorite TV shows. Have a favorite character die? Joss. An OTP that either hasn't gotten together even though the love is there, or break up without resolve and nothing but angst and sadness? Joss.

You may stop to ask yourself where am I getting my information. Where do I get off throwing around these "accusations", since Mr. Whedon hasn't had a television show since Dollhouse was canceled. cancel Well I'll tell you. Within his own shows, he went above and beyond your normal angst/killing off people that you'd find in your normal series; some deaths without reason while other people who you hate or don't serve much purpose (I'm looking at you Dawn, Connor and to a lesser extent, Jayne).

Even though Joss Whedon doesn't have anything on air at the moment, I believe, that he is secretly sending tips and having short phone calls with the producers of our favorite shows, telling them how to drive us, the fans, completely mad. (Bones, Heroes, Supernatural, I'm mostly looking at you. Grey's Anatomy to a lesser extent)

Now don't get me wrong. My relationship with Joss Whedon is a complicated one. Anyone who is a fan of any or all of his shows will tell you. We love and hate him so much at the same time. He gives us so much, and then he either takes it away or fucks with it so much that we sit back and cry.

(NOTE: I do not blame him for the cancellations of his shows, that's all FOX)

But, I think that we can all agree on one simple fact:

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